The Coming Storm

Written by: Michael Lewis
Narrated by: Michael Lewis
Originally Reviewed: 10-6-18 on
Rating: 3 – don’t waste your time

Political Propaganda Disguised as Science

This is nothing more than slander. Michael Lewis is a great author and journalist, but this whole book – ostensibly about weather statistics – is slander toward Trump and encomiums toward Obama. I didn’t vote for Trump, don’t really like his entire demeanor, but this constant vitriol directed at him and about him has become monotonously wearisome. I’m so tired of the entire leftist diatribe of all things conservative and Trump that I can’t help but dismiss all of their accusations in disbelief… much like the boy who cried wolf.
There are some interesting tidbits contained in this book, but with so short a work I’m surprised at the initial lengthy introduction to a single scientist who makes no other appearance in the book. There’s really no conclusion other than Obama was great with regard to supporting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Trump is doing everything to stop their admirable work because he hates science. Get over yourselves!

4 thoughts on “The Coming Storm

    1. Thanks for reading my review Daniel!

      Philosophically speaking is it ok to “challenge” anyone perceived dangerous or only ones that you approve? My criticism of the book is due to the blatant partisanship. Let me know your opinion on the book, perhaps (even through we might disagree on politics) find common ground in this subpar and biased work by Michael Lewis. I’m actually a big conservationist and deeply care about the environment. Another book (albeit fiction) talks about the misuse by government activists to ostensibly “fix” pollution and it’s deleterious effect on our world: State of Fear, by Michael Crichton.



    1. I absolutely want to continue the conversation. I wasn’t being snarky, just asking a question. I think you missed the first part where I thanked you for reading my review. I realize tone can’t be assessed via text, so I’ll just write out my sentiments: I truly appreciate that you took time to write a comment and then another. They may be antagonistic, but I welcome them regardless. Again, I invite you read the book. I’m starting an interview-based video series about book recommendations and reviews. I’d love to interview you about your opinion on the book.


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