Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Written by: Simon Sinek
Narrated by: Simon Sinek
Originally Reviewed: 10-06-18 on
Rating: 1, must read for everyone

 Superb Prose From an Inimitable Thought Leader  

I pretty much take anything and everything from Simon Sinek as doctrine for guiding my life, both as a organizational leader (First Sergeant in the Army) and with my own family in teaching my kids. His speeches are so ridiculously galvanizing and this book is more anecdotal evidence of the philosophy he espouses. I read a lot of philosophy, both by our ancient leaders and contemporary as well. Sinek’s body of work is just as powerful as any. Since reading – for the first time – Start With Why, more than four years ago, I have tried (successfully and unsuccessfully) to implement the precepts in all I do and remember the results of those examples shared of potential results. I love his example of Apple even though I’m an anti-apple-product person myself, but you can’t deny the cultural phenomenon that they started and maintain today.

Unrelated to this particular book, but still a Simon Sinek promulgation, his video regarding the difference between being nervous and excited is another epic epiphany. My son was going into surgery the other day and I used this thought game of “changing the narrative” with him. I had him convinced that he was excited for this and being nervous was useless; pretty good for a four-year old. After the surgery, the anesthesiologist, came up to me and said that my son’s attitude and demeanor were so good that he’s going to start using the excited vs. nervous speech with all his patients. As a narrator, Simon is excellent. He obviously has much experience presenting these thoughts and switching to a long-format audio book was probably not an issue. I usually listen to my audio books at three-times speed and had no issues with this one

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