The Origins of Political Order

Written by: Francis Fukuyama
Narrated by: Jonathan Davis
Originally Reviewed: 07-25-18 on
Rating: 1, must read for everyone

   Fantastic and Essential Information For All…    

…who desire to opine about politics. It seems that everyone is a pundit these days thanks to social media. Not only that, but everyone is an expert and anyone who disagrees with said person, has egregiously violated the sanctity of humanity. Too often we refuse to take a seat and listen, adhering to Twain’s aphorism, ‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt’ which is the main cause of our deleterious civil discourse.

After this book, I firmly believe if you haven’t read it than you shouldn’t open your mouth, and if you have, you know enough to realize you don’t know anything. This history of political order covers some unique history – that I wasn’t even aware existed – and correlates the existence of social and religious institutions with the advent of government. It gives a “why” to the origins rather than just “it happened”. I will definitely be listening to this one multiple times and will probably get the kindle edition to supplement my studies. Additionally there is a Volume II so be prepared to get that as well. I usually listen at 3x speed and had no issues with this narration.

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