John Wayne: The Life and Legend

Written by: Scott Eyman
Narrated by: John McLain
Originally Reviewed: 07-24-18 on
Rating: 1, must read for everyone

   One Who Will Never Be Forgotten… Hopefully    

Wayne’s impact on the movie industry and society as a whole can never be fully appreciated. Mostly because – without this book – people will just not understand who Marion Morrison (aka the Duke) was other than “an old western actor”. I grew up post Wayne era, but felt his impact through my parents who absolutely loved him and all of his movies. I watched several growing up and revisited or first watched others during and after listening to this book. It’s really nice to have a comprehension of his career and the details of what allowed him to become the superstar he did and when/where he almost didn’t. He truly is a legend in the hearts of many, but I fear that the current and future movie business will drown out the legacy of Wayne. The narrator was great and I was able to listen at 3x speed without any issues.

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