The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals that Protect Us from Violence

Written by: Gavin de Becker
Narrated by: Thomas Stechschulte
Originally Reviewed: 07-24-18 on
Rating: 1, must read for everyone

   Incredibly Perceptive Practices For All    

Seriously, this is an amazing presentation of awareness that should be taught in schools at every level of education. The take away, heed the subtle warnings from our physiological and psychological evolution; there’s a reason we’ve survived to this point. I only take one issue with Mr. De Becker’s book and that is his apparent irrational fear of the gun. Despite his philosophical opining on taking steps to protect oneself, the author believes that a gun is more problematic than not. He readily admits -throughout the entire book – that court protection orders are just a piece of paper, but still insists that arming oneself is going to get victims killed. He even shares an anecdote about a guy who is the victim of a robbery with his own gun in his own house and then applauds him because the victim won’t replace the gun that was stolen. De Becker even falsely claims that the gun will never harm anyone else because the perp was caught. I probably focus too much on this negative as the rest of the work is fabulous and necessary for everyone who doesn’t want to become the victim of violence. He even discusses those – who to their own detriment – worry too much about their safety that they become numb to real intuition. I usually listen at 3x speed and had no issues with this book. The narrator was good, but I do prefer author’s read their own non-fiction because I want to hear his voice emphasize what he thinks are pertinent points rather than an actor’s interpretation.

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