The Crucible

Written by: Arthur Miller
Narrated by: Multi-cast with Richard Dreyfuss
Originally Reviewed: 6-27-18 on
Rating: 2, worthwhile if you’re interested in plays or Salem Witch Trials

    A Marvelous Cast Production of Incredulity  

Another fantastic work of prose that I should’ve read years ago, but didn’t. In fact, I only picked this up due to a reference in the movie, Molly’s Game (which I loved just as much). It’s funny how humanity works, it’s funnier what we believe about ourselves and others, it’s a travesty that we – while presented with incontrovertible evidence – let our pride and ego dictate truth. That’s what I believe this book is about; I could be wrong. The introduction cites that Arthur Miller wrote this book as an allegory for the anti-communist movement during the 50s; how funny that it could still apply today from any political perspective against another (i.e., evidenceless accusations of projected sentiments). What I got from this book resonates, much the same as it seems to have resonated with Molly Bloom. The full-cast production was fantastic and one of my treasured audible pieces. I usually listen at 3x speed, but slowed to 1.7 so that I could appreciate the actors. Since this was such a short work this wasn’t an issue.

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