Assassination Generation

Written by: Dave Grossman
Narrated by: Dave Grossman
Originally Reviewed: 5-14-18 on
Rating: 1, Must Read for all

 Evidence Staring Us Right In Our Faces 

…but we continue to deny it. LTC(ret) Dave Grossman has been an ardent and passionate researcher on the subject of “killology” and previously wrote two books on that subject and tangentially mentioned the effect of video games on kids. However, the multi-billion dollar industry has been and continues to squash any notion of deleterious impact on developing youth; ergo, he wrote this book with sole focus on the topic. I’ve read both previous books, attended a seminar, and follow his philosophic “sheepdog” mentality with fervor. He also has a kids book which I read to my young (2-7 years) children. Dave Grossman is a modern day Paul Revere warning of the dangers, but – again – no one is listening for a myriad of reasons. Those are pointed out and he presents solutions to combat the problem.

At the end of the day, however, no amount of “good parenting” will protect your kids because they (as attested to by the author) will always be subject to virulent people (sometimes kids themselves) who don’t know the value of human life because of “bad parenting”. I usually listen at 3x speed and had no issues with this book. The primary author serves as narrator and – like his other books and seminars – is awesome. ALL PARENTS SHOULD READ/LISTEN THIS!!!

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