Twelve Years A Slave

The Autobiography of Solomon Northup

Written by: Solomon Northup
Narrated by: Louis Gossett Jr.
Originally Reviewed: 10-02-17 on
Rating: 1 – All Should Read this Story that Was Almost Lost

An Overwhelmingly Emotional Story of Grit

I, like most, hadn’t heard of this book until it became a movie. Not knowing anything about it, I assumed it was a modern day tale of suspected cruelty during our nation’s darkest history. Even picking it up on the Audible sale, I didn’t know what this really was and I’m grateful for the short introduction attesting to its place in history as the best "first-hand account" and the epilogue that explained how this lost auto-biography came back to life by a precocious little girl who dedicated her life to this work.

This book is a definite read for everyone and with Louis Gossett Jr. as narrator, you get a corollary powerful voice representing the author’s will and determination that very few others could.

Especially, with our current race division struggles in this country, this book provides anecdotal evidence of true barbarism that should quell the racial fervor on all sides; but I’m sure it will not.

I was able to listen at my usual 3x speed and I look forward to listening to this one again. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but looking forward to it.

Other works for consideration:
1. The Collected Works of Frederick Douglas, by Frederick Douglas
2. Slave Stealers, by Tim Ballard

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