Written by: Peter Clines
Narrated by: Ray Porter
Originally Reviewed: 08-14-17 on audible.com
Rating: 2 – A Fun One with Polorazing Reviews on Audible

A Surprisingly Fun and Unique Story

My biggest complaint about books these days is that they lack originality, this book does not fall into that category. I picked this book up on the $4.95 special a few weeks ago and just planned to listen to it “some day when I have nothing else” But my brother listened to it and said, it was a lot of fun and fairly well written; we rarely disagree on books so I had to jump into this. Through the first few chapters I was starting to think my brother and I were more different than past history has manifested, but the book became good, and then really good. It was not anywhere near “great”, but it’s delightful and probably worth a second listen in a year or so.

Essentially this book is a cross between your standard mystery and standard fantasy, but the author’s presentation and the confluence of multiple historical themes and personalities is where he really captured me. Knowing now what I do, I would have paid full price for this book.

I usually listen at 3x speed and had no issues with this book. The narrator, Ray Porter, was excellent. He also did both of Dennis E. Taylor’s books of the Bobiverse series of which he was even better. In “14”; there were only a few characters that he brought to life, but in the Bobiverse, there’s several and each are performed masterfully.

Other works for consideration:
1. Bobiverse Series, by Dennis E. Taylor
2. Dead Moon, by Peter Clines
3. A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs

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