We Are Legion

We Are Bob

Written by: Dennis E. Taylor
Narrated by: Ray Porter
Originally Reviewed: 02-27-17 on audible.com
Rating: 2 – Fitting for those who enjoy Sci-Fi,
Psychology (split/multiple personality disorder), and humorous storytelling

Thoroughly Enjoyed It, But…

It’s really hard to level criticism against a book that attempted this monumental undertaking. Seriously, the premise of this book could easily have crashed before liftoff due to the complexities of both time and personalities, but the author definitely had a plan, stuck to it, and ended up with an obvious first book of a series that could span one-hundred titles.

My criticism is this: so much was skipped in exigency of completing this book. Some philosophy, split personality disorder, relativity, physics, biology, evolution all were sacrificed to tell the tale of a world suffering at the hands of religious conservatives (the only point he really tries to make in the book (which was juvenile and baseless anyway)).

I’m really excited to listen to the sequels – and hopefully parallel novels – that will come. The world created by Dennis Taylor has potential to rival the Star Wars Universe, Star Trek, etc., if only he could encompass more of the aforementioned and expand some antagonist viewpoints.

The narrator was fine and I was easily able to listen at 3x speed.

Other works for consideration:
1. Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk
2. Spell or High Water: Magic 2.0, by Scott Meyer
3. Red Shirts, by John Scalzi
4. Pilot X, by Tom Merritt

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