Off To Be The Wizard

Two reviews for two books in a series

Written by: Scott Meyer
Narrated by: Luke Daniels
Series: Magic 2.0, Book 1
Originally Reviewed: 06-24-17 on
Rating: 2 – An amusing version of the Matrix

A Fun Journey That Gets Better The Further You Go

Starting this book I thought it a bit cliche based on all the other alternate-universe-computer-program stories out there (e.g., the Matrix) but was impressed with the unique take and comedy that Scott Meyer brought to this book. Honestly, the comedic writing is the real genius of the book, although the story would still be worthwhile without it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and listened to it a second time right before listening to the sequel within two months. I enjoyed it just as much as the first listen and laughed even more as I caught on to some more of the subtle humor.

The narrator is a gifted actor who brings the characters to life, each with unique personalities manifested via both tone and urgency of speech; It’s as if the author wrote this book specifically for Luke Daniels to narrate. I usually listen at 3x speed and had no issues with this book.

Spell or High Water

Written By: Scott Meyer
Narrated By: Luke Daniels
Series: Magic 2.0, Book 2
Originally Reviewed: 6-23-17 on

Better Than The First… Or Is It?

I’m really starting to appreciate Scott Meyer’s contradictory writing humor. During the first book I thought, “ok that’s funny, but gimmicky” then while continuing book two it turned to, “how does he manage to keep it going while not being too obnoxious”; the answer is masterfully.

I do think I really like the second book more than the first, but mostly because of the paradoxical handling of “the Brits” whose characters don’t think Scott is as funny as I do. In the end, this is just another chapter of the first book. I was a little caught off guard regarding the presence of the first book’s antagonist in this one and then disappointed at his entire presence at the end of the book; maybe it’s a setup for book three.

Luke Daniels is a great narrator with distinct, accurate, and clear voices for the many different characters. Each of them help to give a visualization of the persona the author was trying to create. In fact, this book is probably not nearly as good in the written as Daniels isn’t along to help establish the environment.

I usually listen at 3x speed and had absolutely zero problems with this reading.


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