Battlefield Earth

A Saga of the Year 3000

Written by: L. Ron Hubbard
Narrated by: Full-cast production
Originally Reviewed: 06-09-17 on
Rating: 2 – One of Sci-Fi’s best

Wait For It, A Great Book Comes… Eventually

Although a bit slow to really get going strong, this book gets so good in the latter half that I’m thinking the first half could have easily been redacted to a short story to introduce Jonnie Goodboy Tyler with the second half as a stand alone L. Ron Hubbard magnum opus.

The first part isn’t bad by any stretch, but it is just an average science fiction tale that is further denigrated when juxtaposed against the real story… the story which is a combination of Herbert’s, ‘Dune’ and Heinlein’s, ‘The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress’. A complicated geo-political thriller that will have you backing up the book just to make sure you really understand the full spectrum of what is occurring; I’m still trying to figure out the banking scheme that gives the protagonist the upper hand. This isn’t just David vs. Goliath, it’s one boy against a colonization of beasts and an indoctrinated supporting cast protecting and enabling the beasts’ every move.

I listen at 3x speed and really didn’t have a problem with this one, except (and this is one huge caveat) the additional sound effects at 3x is awful. I’m sure this is only when listening at this speed and at regular speed is superb, but the book is 47 hours and I wasn’t going to slow down. I thoroughly enjoyed the full cast production with separate narrator and actual voice actors for the individual characters; so I’m torn between my criticism and praise, but will only give 4 stars (I originally had 3 for Performance).

A friend recommended this book to me and I was hesitant, but seriously glad I listened to it. Already looking forward to listening to it again next year… even with the annoying sound effects.

Other works to consider:
1. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert A. Heinlein
2. Dune, by Frank Herbert
3. The Stand, by Stephen King
4. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

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