I retired from the military in June 2021. In an effort to keep busy and continue to support my family, I started a business in 2020 called Sapo Industries. I also expanded my other project – a men’s fashion site – that I hope to turn into a custom-ordered shirt and suit shop.

Project 19 – Book Club
by Jonathan Love

My passion for reading and writing comes from my work as a Military Intelligence Soldier for over 23 years. In addition to voluminous intelligence writing and reading, this past decade audible.com has been my driving and running companion. I read and listen to about 100 books a year and have written over 100 reviews on my audible listener page, but will start to copy and paste them here. I am currently in process of writing my first book.

I was inspired to do an interview-based video series from Stephen Pressfield who produces his own video series via his Instagram page, Jordan Petersen a natural teacher, and Dave Rubin who conducts political, but center-partisan interviews with all kinds of people that he agrees and disagrees with but will always refer to them as a friend. I’m not as talented or famous as these people, but I hope that I can create a series that will manifest my respect for them as well as add my own style.

Enjoy The Adventure and Please Provide Feedback

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