Tools of Titans

The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-class performers Written by: Tim FerrissNarrated by: multipleRating: 1 – filled with thought provoking concepts to be a be a better human A Book of Life Hacks Most of the innovation, creativity, and awe-inspiring performances have been completed by a very small demographic. What’s worse (forContinue reading “Tools of Titans”

American Lion

Andrew Jackson in the White House Written by: John MeachamNarrated by: Richard McGonagleOriginally Reviewed: 05-09-17 on audible.comRating: 3 – Still looking for a more comprehensive and better told work Interesting, But Not Intriguing Of the Presidential Biographies I’ve done so far (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Quincy Adams) as well as historical events that tangentially cover Presidents,Continue reading “American Lion”

Battlefield Earth

A Saga of the Year 3000 Written by: L. Ron HubbardNarrated by: Full-cast productionOriginally Reviewed: 06-09-17 on audible.comRating: 2 – One of Sci-Fi’s best Wait For It, A Great Book Comes… Eventually Although a bit slow to really get going strong, this book gets so good in the latter half that I’m thinking the firstContinue reading “Battlefield Earth”

Off To Be The Wizard

Two reviews for two books in a series Written by: Scott MeyerNarrated by: Luke DanielsSeries: Magic 2.0, Book 1Originally Reviewed: 06-24-17 on audible.comRating: 2 – An amusing version of the Matrix A Fun Journey That Gets Better The Further You Go Starting this book I thought it a bit cliche based on all the otherContinue reading “Off To Be The Wizard”

All Blood Runs Red

The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard – Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, Spy Written by: Phil Keith, Tom ClavinNarrated by: James ShippyRating: 1 – Everyone should know this story and this hero Incredible Story of Daring and Might I’m genuinely suprised and disgusted that Eugene Ballard’s name isn’t celebrated in the pantheon of black history heroes. IContinue reading “All Blood Runs Red”

The Age of Cryptocurrency:

How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order Written by: Paul Vigna and Michael J. CaseyNarrated by: Sean Pratt (aka Lloyd James)Rating: 2 – I’m going to look for a more modern work Introduction to Bitcoin and Other Digital Currency… …but it – as most technologies – was outdated with its firstContinue reading “The Age of Cryptocurrency:”

A Man At Arms

Written by: Steven PressfieldNarrated by: George GuidallOriginally Reviewed: 07-06-17 on audible.comRating: 1 – Enjoy this incredible story with historical connotations An Instant Classic with Themes From Other Works I am a big fan of Pressfield’s, Gates of Fire, and have followed him on social media because of it. His other books are fantastic in theirContinue reading “A Man At Arms”

Act of War

Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo Written by: Jack CheeversNarrated by: Jeffrey KaferOriginally Reviewed: 07-06-17 on audible.comRating: 2 – Interesting interlude during the Armistice, worthy of all who study warfare An Unfortunate Episode Exacerbated by Ineptitude I previously knew nothing about this incident and thought our biggest Naval ‘actsContinue reading “Act of War”

The Perfect Storm

A True Story of Men Against the Sea Written by: Sebastian JungerNarrated by: April MatthisRating: 2 – If you’re a fan of the ocean, ships, fishing, survival, and nature’s wrath Fierce Seas Not Appreciated by Laymen and Inviting to Seamen In the grand scheme of things, this book is important for informing the general publicContinue reading “The Perfect Storm”

Columbus Day

Expeditionary Force: Book 1 Written by: Craig AlansonNarrated by: R.C. BrayOriginally Reviewed: 02-12-17 on audible.comRating: 1 – I’m hesitant to recommend any Sci-Fi to everyone, but this one is that good and fun This Is The Book That I Would Write… …if I had a morsel of talent. I actually had only an inkling ofContinue reading “Columbus Day”