Battlefield Earth

A Saga of the Year 3000 Written by: L. Ron HubbardNarrated by: Full-cast productionOriginally Reviewed: 06-09-17 on audible.comRating: 2 – One of Sci-Fi’s best Wait For It, A Great Book Comes… Eventually Although a bit slow to really get going strong, this book gets so good in the latter half that I’m thinking the firstContinue reading “Battlefield Earth”

Pilot X

Written by: Tom MerrittNarrated by: Kevin T. CollinsOriginally Reviewed: 10-26-17 on audible.comRating: 2, A Great Read for Those Who Enjoy a Paradox I didn’t know what to expect with this one. I had not previously heard of it and didn’t know the premise. From the beginning I was captivated; a paradox will do that toContinue reading “Pilot X”