All Blood Runs Red

The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard – Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, Spy Written by: Phil Keith, Tom ClavinNarrated by: James ShippyRating: 1 – Everyone should know this story and this hero Incredible Story of Daring and Might I’m genuinely suprised and disgusted that Eugene Ballard’s name isn’t celebrated in the pantheon of black history heroes. IContinue reading “All Blood Runs Red”

Lone Survivor

Written by: Marcus Luttrell and Patrick RobinsonNarrated by: Kevin T. CollinsOriginally Reviewed: 10-19-17 on audible.comRating: 2 – Read if you want to know about Navy Seals A Horrific Tale of Courage and Dedication I saw the movie before ever reading the book and I’m glad the visual work represented the book well. There are severalContinue reading “Lone Survivor”


On Homecoming and Belonging Written by: Sebastian JungerNarrated by: Sebastian JungerOriginally Reviewed: 10-19-17 on audible.comRating: 1 – A Must Read by Everyone Only One Thing Wrong With This Book… …it isn’t nearly long enough. I’m craving more from Sebastian Junger on this topic. I soaked it up and look forward to future listenings. There’s soContinue reading “Tribe”

Trauma and Recovery:

The Aftermath of Violence – from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror Written by: Judith Lewis Herman, MDNarrated by: Jo Anna PerrinOriginally Reviewed: 5-29-16 on audible.comRating: 1, Must Read for all  Should Be Required Reading… for Everyone  Although I’ve been going backwards in time with republishing my reviews, a friend’s son endured a traumatic event soContinue reading “Trauma and Recovery:”


Written by: John SteakleyNarrated by: Tom WeinerOriginally Reviewed: 07-05-18 on audible.comRating: 1, must read for everyone     One of My All Time Favorites    This book was first introduced to me by a fellow Veteran, who unequivocally stated that all Veterans should read this book. On the surface, this book is just another fun ant killing bookContinue reading “Armor”

One Second After

Written by: William R. ForstchenNarrated by: Joe BarrettOriginally Reviewed: 08-15-18 on audible.comRating: 1, must read for everyone  Wishing This Book Was As Long As The Stand     Almost immediately – knowing the book was only 13 hours – I found myself wanting it to never end. Yes, it is that good. I’ve read several “post-apocalyptic stories”Continue reading “One Second After”