The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, the First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the Negro League Written by: Martha AckmanNarrated by: April MatthisRating: 1 – Everyone should know this story and this woman’s tenacity An Inimitable Perspective of Professional Baseball Being a big baseball fan, I was surprised I had never heard of ToniContinue reading “Curveball”

Trauma and Recovery:

The Aftermath of Violence – from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror Written by: Judith Lewis Herman, MDNarrated by: Jo Anna PerrinOriginally Reviewed: 5-29-16 on audible.comRating: 1, Must Read for all  Should Be Required Reading… for Everyone  Although I’ve been going backwards in time with republishing my reviews, a friend’s son endured a traumatic event soContinue reading “Trauma and Recovery:”

King Warrior Magician Lover

Written by: Robert Moore; Douglas GilletteVersion: KindleOriginally Reviewed: 1-29-2021 on Project19Rating: 1, Must Read, but specifically men and boys  The Subconscious Manifested in Our Behaviors I’ve often repeated to my children that the most pertinent and memorable thing (i.e. legacy) about them is their character; specifically, how they treat others. It’s easy to tell themContinue reading “King Warrior Magician Lover”

Assassination Generation

Written by: Dave GrossmanNarrated by: Dave GrossmanOriginally Reviewed: 5-14-18 on audible.comRating: 1, Must Read for all  Evidence Staring Us Right In Our Faces  …but we continue to deny it. LTC(ret) Dave Grossman has been an ardent and passionate researcher on the subject of “killology” and previously wrote two books on that subject and tangentially mentionedContinue reading “Assassination Generation”