King Warrior Magician Lover

Written by: Robert Moore; Douglas GilletteVersion: KindleOriginally Reviewed: 1-29-2021 on Project19Rating: 1, Must Read, but specifically men and boys  The Subconscious Manifested in Our Behaviors I’ve often repeated to my children that the most pertinent and memorable thing (i.e. legacy) about them is their character; specifically, how they treat others. It’s easy to tell themContinue reading “King Warrior Magician Lover”

The Things They Carried

Written by: Tim O’BrienNarrated by: Bryan CranstonOriginally Reviewed: 07-30-18 on audible.comRating: 1, must read for everyone   An Intimate Look Into The Soul of A Veteran     I saw a meme the other day on social media, posted by a Veteran Friend of mine. It was a diatribe of sorts, attempting to explain to civilians why combatContinue reading “The Things They Carried”