Written by: John SteakleyNarrated by: Tom WeinerOriginally Reviewed: 07-05-18 on audible.comRating: 1, must read for everyone     One of My All Time Favorites    This book was first introduced to me by a fellow Veteran, who unequivocally stated that all Veterans should read this book. On the surface, this book is just another fun ant killing bookContinue reading “Armor”

The Things They Carried

Written by: Tim O’BrienNarrated by: Bryan CranstonOriginally Reviewed: 07-30-18 on audible.comRating: 1, must read for everyone   An Intimate Look Into The Soul of A Veteran     I saw a meme the other day on social media, posted by a Veteran Friend of mine. It was a diatribe of sorts, attempting to explain to civilians why combatContinue reading “The Things They Carried”