The Precipice of Part II, The Korean War

Originally published: 21 September 2017 on another WordPress site of mine. This post didn’t age well and I can blame Trump for that. The fact that we didn’t go to war with North Korea is one of the biggest successes of the previous administration; only history will reveal the truth but we’re not out ofContinue reading “The Precipice of Part II, The Korean War”

The Coming Storm

Written by: Michael LewisNarrated by: Michael LewisOriginally Reviewed: 10-6-18 on audible.comRating: 3 – don’t waste your time Political Propaganda Disguised as Science This is nothing more than slander. Michael Lewis is a great author and journalist, but this whole book – ostensibly about weather statistics – is slander toward Trump and encomiums toward Obama. IContinue reading “The Coming Storm”